The Amazing Benefits of Vitamin B17


Vitamin B17 can be naturally found in numerous food, including wild blackberries and many other kinds of berries, beans like mung beans and fava, grains like buckwheat and millet, raw almonds, yams, cassava, nuts, macadamia, cashews and a lot more. Those seeds in peaches, cherry pits, nectarines and apricots have high levels of vitamin B15 too.

In terms of molecular level, this vitamin is from nitrilosides. When it would come in contact with beta-glucosadase, which is an arch villain enzyme, it would release deadly toxins. There’s only one area of the human body which has considerable amount of beta-glucosadase, and it’s the cancer cells. This means that it’s toxic to cancer cells!

Moreover, our bodies have a backup protecting enzyme which is called rhodanese. This enzyme has the capability of neutralizing cyanide in contact as well as it would even convert the cyanide to something that’s beneficial for the entire body. There’s only a single place in our body wherein rhodanese would be AWOL, and that’s in the existence of cancer cell, which leaves these cells defenseless from the benzaldehyde and cyanide toxins. Isn’t this amazing?

While research for this vitamin is still continuing as well as the toxicity that amygdalin is still has to be explored further, taking this supplement must not be over 3 grams each day and should be spread over 3 equal intervals. Because apricot seeds aren’t available locally in regular shops, raw form of vitamin B15 isn’t readily available yet. Thus, natural extracts would were utilized as substitutes.

You could alternatively crack some apricot seeds open as well as eat them so you can have these nutrients. But this could only be done if the seeds would be in season. On the contrary, almonds could be utilized as an alternative throughout the seasons if apricots are not available. For more details about vitamins, visit

Aside from those mentioned functions like cancer prevention, this vitamin would also play an important role in the body’s overall health and well-being. It has a variety of nutritional components which would make sure that our bodies will function well and would have the capability of resisting infections such as flu and colds. Also, it’s been linked to cancer treatment whereby tests showed great deterioration of those cancer cells once treatment was completed using this kind of nutritional supplement. Similarly, a balanced and healthy diet should also be followed always to see to it that healthy and highly positive results would be achieved and kept.


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